36 weeks! (Yay! And...eek!)

36 weeks tomorrow. That means we should really be installing the carseat this weekend and maybe have a little bit more of our birth plan completed. And while I've been thinking a lot about labor and natural childbirth, we haven't really practiced any of the techniques yet, except in birth class. Hmm. And our crib hasn't arrived yet, so that's not set up, and we don't really have anything on the walls in the nursery, and we still need a diaper pail and some sort of open storage for diapers and accessories. Oh, and we should decide whose insurance the kiddo will be on.

But here's what we HAVE gotten done (mostly in the last week!):

  • Washed all of the baby clothes and blankets we have (so far)
  • Stocked the pantry and freezer with healthy and easy-to-cook foods (we'll see if I actually assemble any freezer meals in the next few weeks)
  • Decided to hire the doula we interviewed (yay!)
  • Decided that I need a longer maternity leave and that I won't go back to school until after Christmas break.
  • Found a wonderful nearby nanny that we can afford!
  • Decided that Philip would take Mondays off for several weeks (!!!) after I return to work so that he can have some daddy time with Foetus. 
  • (Also, our kiddo is nicknamed Foetus. Kendra used it once and the name stuck. Readers should take note that this is a term of endearment much more than simply a British version of the more scientific "fetus." And once we know whether Foetus is a boy or a girl, the name will change.)
In other words, we've gotten a lot of the most mentally and emotionally worrisome stuff out of the way. And I feel MUCH better. I've been pretty stressed the last 2-3 months about childcare and maternity leave, and now that we've made decisions and adjustments, it's a load off my mind.



34 weeks (Sept. 6)
35 weeks (Sept. 13)
The cradle has been hanging out by my side of the bed. I've only injured myself a few times...
Mom made the bumpers and the sheets for the mattress! Aren't they gorgeous?

Changing table (my old dresser handed down from Bepa)
Items stored temporarily in closet

Cozy nursing nook (we'll work on the cozy factor)

Sign from my baby shower; and hopefully the carseat will not be in here past tomorrow!
The to-do list I wrote after lying awake for several hours

And now for some non-baby-related pictures!

Philip's first day of school! (Sept. 3)
We purchased a wall mount for our TV so our fireplace would be accessible. We cover it when we're not using it (thanks for the idea, Al!)