up to the highest heights

 Al & Greg visited this weekend. We went cross-country skiing up at Baker on perhaps the most beautiful day ever. Al & Greg have good skiing juju. So far skiing only works for us when it's with these two delightful people. The picture to the right is me being grumpy in the snow (the intensely steep climb pushed me over the good-attitude edge. I soon got over it).

Philip and Greg check out the gorgeous view at the top.

Sisters at the top!

Gorgeous views.

This wasn't quite as painful as it looks. I actually enjoyed dive-bombing into soft, fluffy snow!

Yes, Philip fell down, too.

We had so much fun our second time skiing! We also got to use our new roof rack on the Subie, which made us feel like true Pacific Northwesterners. Hopefully we'll get a chance to ski a couple more times this season. I have to say, I have missed the sight of unbroken snow sparkling in the sunshine. I'm pretty sure I took my skis off at one point and dove head first into a meadow o' snow. It was delightful!


You will not believe how intentional I have been these last 3 days. You would be proud.

In the last two and a half days, here is a large list of things I've done intentionally. I'm pretty proud of myself:

  • called my boss three times to tell him I'm not coming in today (yesterday, the day before)
  • emailed my boss lesson plans and promptly stopped worrying about how things would go in the classroom (honestly, right now, I DON'T CARE)
  • took a hot bath and realized how uncomfortable our bathtub is. A 15-minute bath can be relaxing, right?
  • laid on the couch for approximately 27 hours
  • drank a half gallon of oj like it's my job
  • verbally charged the soup I was eating to "heal me" (yes, out loud)
  • disposed of a box of kleenex
  • watched approximately 13 hours of television and movies (more to come) in order to escape the fact that I am miserable and downright sick of being sick
I'm so proud of myself.  Since the natural route (i.e., soup and oj) didn't work, I will soon quite intentionally go to the store in my pajamas and purchase nasty high fructose corn syrup disguised as medicine and take it like clockwork. 

For now, time to hit the couch.