a new song

good morning, dear readers. i woke up this morning feeling somewhat aimless. when i feel aimless, i do one of two things. i sit around doing nothing or zoning with a movie or the internet, or i surprise myself and end up creating a new blog. guess what i did today?

i've been thinking about a new blog for awhile now. i'm not quite ready to get rid of the old one yet (or ever, since it's been a four-year endeavor), but as i reread old posts on a more aimless day, i realized that i'm not that person anymore. well, that person is still me, but she's changed. she's growing up. (at first i typed "grown up", but part of my intention is to try not to grow up too much.)

henceforth, a new blog. philip and i will be sharing this blog. we'll see who posts more. we're both pretty good procrastinators.

as i thought about a new blog title, i thought through some music lyrics that have meant something significant to philip and me in our relationship and how we want to live. back when we were dating, (one of) philip's favorite band(s) was straylight run. his favorite song was "existentialism on prom night." with a title like that, how could he go wrong?

i won't post all the lyrics, but here's the chorus:

sing me something soft,
sad and delicate,
or loud and out of key,
sing me anything.

the point is, whatever it is you do, do it with everything you have. it's getting at colossians 3:23--whatever you do, do it for God's glory! pretty deep stuff (hence "existentialism on prom night").

as mentioned at the beginning, i struggle with having intention. i much prefer to float through life. the problem with that? i become passive and reactionary rather than making choices. it reminds me of walk the line when june tells johnny, "You wear black 'cause you can't find anything else to wear? You found your sound 'cause you can't play no better? You tried to kiss me because 'it just happened'? You should try to take credit for something every once in a while, John."

so, here we go. intentionally. whether that means saving for downpayment on a house, making a delicious new recipe instead of eating out, relaxing with a movie because we haven't for awhile, going cross-country skiing on christmas day--whatever we do, we want to be intentional about it.

feel free to intentionally share how you are going to "sing anything!"

merry christmas!


  1. Love the new look and all you expressed in your first post, dear daughter. Your words remind me of the old Cadet theme song, "Living for Jesus, a life that is true, striving to please Him in all that I do..." and yes, the Colossians passage you quoted as well. Thanks for reminding me too of the importance of living intentionally...

  2. Ooh, I like. I like the books, too. Sweet. Here's to living intentionally . . . and to singing, too. :)