i am a 6-year-old

one of al's pictures from somewhere in montana (probably). love that big midwestern sky.

as i wrote on the family blog, we ordered a new camera (a nikon coolpix l120) that was supposed to arrive by tomorrow. we changed the shipping address to rod & vonnie's since we'll be leaving tomorrow to head down to ripon. then i found out the item is backordered. seriously? they couldn't say that on the website?

annoyed. and impatient. and my instinct is to cancel the order and go out and buy the camera immediately from a store. well, we got a really good deal on our camera online (no tax + free shipping) AND we're getting a memory card, mini-tripod, and camera case. this all was still cheaper than buying the camera only from a store. oh, and apparently this is a very popular model--no stores in bellingham have it in stock right now.

anyway, i calmed my little 6-year-old-self down and decided to be patient and get our great deal. i was mainly upset because we've been essentially camera-less since about january, and based on my reaction here, i've missed it. i know philip is the great photographer, but i really enjoy taking pictures. and i wanted the camera for our final summer vacation where there'd be a new nephew, a bridal shower, an anniversary party, a cabin, a boat...

sigh. ok. done with my pity party.

i'm also about ready for school to start. i've been doing battle with myself and my motivation to get things done at home. i usually get up and run around 7, and have a really productive 2ish hours. then there's the rest of the day. also, philip has been getting home from work around 11 or so most days, so we find ourselves getting bored easily and resorting to tv shows and movies (and naps and reading). it's almost harder to be productive when we're both at home. it's driving me crazy.

yesterday was a little better. we forced ourselves outside (it was a beautiful day, so theoretically that shouldn't have been too hard) and biked down to fairhaven. we got cupcakes and found out the african children's choir was performing behind village books. it was pretty cool to see! 

the last inspiration of the day was cruising the internet (something else that sucks up a lot of time) and finding this recipe. Um, cheese and bread together? Yes, please! So I made them for, er, dinner. They were delicious (perhaps not too healthy, though). 

wow, this is getting long. 

last thing--a booklist. Here are books that I recently enjoyed or am currently enjoying:

  • the undertaking: life studies from the dismal trade   by thomas lynch
  • the brothers k   by david james duncan
  • from dawn to decadence: 500 years of western cultural life   by jacques burzan (this one'll take me awhile)
off to pack!


  1. Ooh, can't wait to see the first pics you take with the new camera . . . once you get it. :) How's The Brothers K treating you?

  2. ohmygoodness. i'm so going to have to try that recipe!!

  3. Al: I'm loving the Brothers K. He's got a way with hilarity. :)

    Justine: delicious recipe...but you may want to make it for a crowd rather than 1 or 2. I personally ate almost the entire pan by myself, which may have been a bit excessive.