color trip

last weekend, philip & i took a color trip up towards baker. taking color trips is a van dyken tradition which i was glad to add to our traditions. it was a beautiful day, and while we didn't really see as much color as we were hoping, it was a great time of reconnecting and enjoying God's spectacular creation.

On our way!
Ok, so this color is in the middle of town. Still pretty!
Beautiful day!
Blue skies
Mount Baker Hwy
Peeking peaks
Creepy tree   
it was an awesome day. we also stopped in maple falls at slide mountain restaurant--a hole-in-the-wall type place with yummy chicken strips and fries. mmmm. after the busy california wedding weekend, reconnecting was a must, and this was a happy way to do it.

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  1. Lovely photos of a great day to share with each other. Dad & I did something similar today -- driving up to Edgerton, taking the "eastern" road north and the usual HWY 75 route south again, and driving up and down through town, sharing memories of who lived where, etc. I even took photos of "our house" -- nearly unrecognizable now with additions, new siding, brickwork, etc. A good day to reconnect after a very busy and productive two weeks.