snow days

we are on snow day #4 here in whatcom county. my three-day weekend (thanks to mlk, jr. day) turned into a nine-day weekend.

i'm not really complaining, except that this was supposed to be exam week, we were supposed to have a nice workday today to grade exams and projects and prepare report cards...and now we're pushing exams to next week.

and i also have a terrible time being motivated when i have "endless" hours to complete my tasks. tuesday was ok. i was semi-productive and enjoyed reading and watching a movie. wednesday was great: philip was home most of the day and we attacked the spare room and other projects with a vengeance. (too bad we didn't quite there are piles of stuff everywhere.)

but yesterday. ach, yesterday. it was horrible. i had things i could have done: cleaned bathrooms, scrubbed floors, organized cupboards, made a menu plan, planned for next quarter, finished the Old Testament, removed my nail polish from the october wedding, hung photographs, blogged...well, the list goes on. did i do any of these things? no. i sat in the chair almost all day, reading, napping, watching movies, and eating unhealthy foods. not that there's anything inherently evil about any of that stuff, but i certainly wasn't doing it out of enjoyment. i did it because it required very little of me and was the easiest thing to do. by the end of the day, i was super crabby and tired and annoyed with myself. knowing philip was coming home, i made a nice dinner for him and lit candles and cleaned up the apartment a bit. that's motivation right there--someone to interact with. it was a much better end to an annoyingly long and depressing day.

anyway, today has been much better. i cleaned, actually left the apartment (i did some school planning at the neighborhood coffee house), ate a healthy lunch, and did some laundry. i feel MUCH better. i'm rereading little women right now, and there's a chapter devoted to the girls' laziness and how it makes them crabby, restless, and irritable. lesson learned, little women. lesson learned.

in spite the excitement of having a few unexpected days off school, i'm ready to go back to work. i'm grateful to have a job and purpose and motivation to fulfill my tasks.


  1. Andrea, I totally understand! I was not prepared to have a 9 day weekend. I am looking forward to having a normal school week next week.

  2. Told you you'd feel better if you left the house. (Waiting for applause . . . ) Love you! :)

  3. I hate days like that! I almost had one today... but then decided to go to the grocery store. Such a simple thing, leaving the house, but it gave me a reason to shower and get dressed for the day!