all things new

I've been thinking lately about how our lives are changing this year:

Housing: We bought our first house and got the keys one month ago today. We said goodbye to living with dear friends and are moving into the next phase: home ownership. We've been busily making changes, unpacking, making messes and (mostly) cleaning them up, and adding countless items to our to-do list. We're making multiple weekly trips to hardware stores and spending scary amounts of money on adult things like windows and insulation. And we're learning we have to be content with having lots of ongoing and "someday" projects.

Jobs: Philip is in the same school district this year, but teaching a new grade. He's moving from 5th grade to 4th grade, which will bring new curriculum, standards, and mentor teachers. I'm moving down to part-time, which will also be an adjustment. I'm losing my 7th grade language arts classes and teaching only 8th language arts.  I've spent most of the last decade identifying myself as a teacher, and it's strange to be letting go of pieces of that identity.

Celebrating 5 years of marriage (June 27)
Parenthood: The reality of having a baby around is starting to hit. We're taking a birth class, slowly setting up a nursery, and increasing the number of times we're seeing our midwife as our due date draws nearer. I met with a potential child-care-giver this morning, and the logistics of working part-time and being a full-time mother are daunting.

28 weeks, 5 days

We're not sure how to process all of these changes, except to keep moving and looking ahead, all the while resting in the hope that God walks beside us in all things. Bring on the future!


  1. "adult things like windows and Insulation" :)

  2. Quite the year for you! Keep up the good work :-)