4 days until our due date. I'm on maternity leave, and this morning I'm recovering from a weird 4-hour flu bug I had during the night. Lying on the couch, drinking oj and eating toast, watching movies and napping. And blogging, because there's not much else to do when your midwife tells you to lie around and get rest, because no one wants to have the flu and be in labor simultaneously.

I've been having some non-Braxton Hicks contractions over the last week, so things are slowly happening. But I really don't have any idea when the big show will take place. I have a midwife appointment tomorrow--we'll see what she says, but for now, we're just...waiting.

I find it strange to have this unknown amount of time stretching ahead of me--I'll never have a "vacation" like this again. If there's a kiddo #2, there will be a kiddo #1 to take care of during a maternity leave. So I really just get to do whatever the heck I want while I wait.

Enough boring writing. Pictures!

 37 weeks, 2 days (September 29)

 Philip assembles the crib

 Modeling my new Moby wrap from Al!

 39 weeks (October 11)

 Philip's winter wheat patch

 Studly farmer with his freshly planted wheat berries

 Nursery progress!

Now to wash and put away the rest of the baby's things! Maybe tomorrow...


  1. Happy waiting!
    Will anxiously await news of how things are going with the wheat. And the baby!

  2. Love the Moby! and the nursery, and you! Glad the flu bug was short-lived and looking forward to that phone call! Hugs!