up to the highest heights

 Al & Greg visited this weekend. We went cross-country skiing up at Baker on perhaps the most beautiful day ever. Al & Greg have good skiing juju. So far skiing only works for us when it's with these two delightful people. The picture to the right is me being grumpy in the snow (the intensely steep climb pushed me over the good-attitude edge. I soon got over it).

Philip and Greg check out the gorgeous view at the top.

Sisters at the top!

Gorgeous views.

This wasn't quite as painful as it looks. I actually enjoyed dive-bombing into soft, fluffy snow!

Yes, Philip fell down, too.

We had so much fun our second time skiing! We also got to use our new roof rack on the Subie, which made us feel like true Pacific Northwesterners. Hopefully we'll get a chance to ski a couple more times this season. I have to say, I have missed the sight of unbroken snow sparkling in the sunshine. I'm pretty sure I took my skis off at one point and dove head first into a meadow o' snow. It was delightful!


  1. I'm pretty sure you did, too. Doesn't Philip have some documentation? :) Thanks for a lovely weekend!! Anytime you want good skiing juju, just give us a call. We like to spread the love. :)

  2. Looks like a lovely time was had by all!