the ides of march (well, almost)

sick again. not so fun. i feel like i should be getting to work on the end-of-the-year planning (since we're dangerously close to the fourth quarter. where did this year go??)

it looks like we're moving, possibly at the end of this month. more on that when the official word comes. i'm excited about the future, but very sad to be leaving our fantastic apartment. i can't imagine loving another place more (but Lord, i'm prepared to be wrong...hint, hint.)

flying to california next week with 40ish 8th grade students. hopefully my need to be responsible will override my anxiety about flying. i've been reminded recently that we are to come before the Lord boldly with our requests. my most recent bold request is that i love flying rather than dread it.

also, i've become very dependent on my husband. what a great thing! except when i leave for four days and miss him terribly (never mind that we spent months and months apart when we were first dating. i cannot imagine doing that now.)

ophy is a lazy cat. we're good company today.

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  1. Boo on being sick. Good luck with the 40 8th graders. Yay, flying is FUN!!! Really! Yay good husbands. :) And . . . let's talk soon about your new place--I want to hear details!