movin' on

it's official. we're moving. in three weeks. across town to a rented house with another couple. after several months of discussing co-housing and the savings it will afford and good challenges it will present, the four of us have decided to move in together. our house sits on a triple lot with plenty of room for a garden. there are four bedrooms (two for each of us), two bathrooms (one for each), and two living rooms (both of which we'll share).

things i will miss:
  • our apartment. we love it. it's in a great neighborhood with great views and a wonderful set-up. i love the huge windows, the light, the white walls and light carpet, even the silly appliances that make lots of noise. 
  • our neighborhood. we're right on a walking trail, two blocks from two different parks, two blocks from the church where my choir practices, two blocks from the neighborhood coffee shop, a ten-minute walk to great restaurants, 15-minute walk to the marina...
  • the level of privacy we have now.
things i look forward to:
  • meals around the table together!
  • not having to worry about driving home after hanging out together
  • being able to live in a house with a yard and garage
  • saving money!
  • learning to maintain relationships on different levels (marriage and friendships)
  • growing in those relationships!
  • a slightly shorter commute
  • getting rid of stuff we've never used in our 2 1/2 years here (moving is great for purging...)
so, during my spring break this week, i will likely be packing some things up. i've already gone through some cupboards and thrown away stuff and put things in a box for goodwill. 

not only are we moving, but my parents called yesterday to say that they sold their house after having it on and off the market for about 4 years. i'm excited for them, since this has been on their hearts and minds for awhile, but i'm also sad. this is the only house i remember living in--the house i grew up in. it's nearly 100 years old, it has a lot of quirks and character, and my parents (and we kids, on occasion) have put lots of work into making it beautiful. i most likely will not see it again before dad and mom move, so i'm glad we got out to iowa for christmas. i'm also grateful that i've made a home here in bellingham and don't feel that iowa is my only home.

my grandparents will also be moving. they've both had many health issues in the past few years and especially the last month (grandma has diabetes and recently had a stroke; grandpa has parkinson's and recently broke his hip). they're both doing relatively well, but are in different care facilities in different towns. soon they'll move into a care facility together. today they were able to see each other and celebrate grandpa's 85th birthday--a huge blessing.

things are changing.


  1. Sounds like an adventure! Hope to hear how it goes.

    We "lived with" Nate's co-workers and families in Italy when traveling, we shared kitchen and living rooms, and sometimes the bathroom since ours had the best shower. It was really hard, but also it wasn't home, we had a toddler, and we didn't get to choose who we were living with (although they were all great people I probably wouldn't choose to live with any of them long term). The sharing garden space sounds pretty cool. Then if you're away for the weekend, someone else can watch the garden and vice versa. I'm sure there will be a lot of advantages to it.

  2. It certainly will be an adventure, and hopefully one that we look back on fondly. I think all four of us are going in knowing it will probably be hard, and that we will need to grow in challenging ways, but I am excited about building community and investing in our friendships. I'm looking forward to all the other things you mentioned too, and am glad to call you both roommates!

  3. It's going really well! I think the first week was kind of a high, and I burned out near the end (on just plain moving and not having much down time.)We had a "family meeting" on Sunday after a full week of living together, and we ironed out some details. I'm feeling optimistic and I'm enjoying our new roommates. :)