airless lungs, stretching tulips, and my favorite holiday

good morning, gentle readers,

i have gotten into the nasty habit of going for 15-minute wogs a few times a week. actually, it's not a nasty habit. i think it's probably good for me, despite my inability to fully catch my breath. i have a nice little route that i run and walk, and recently the running part has been increasing and the walking part has been decreasing. so exciting! i think spring is totally motivating me. while we've had rainy mornings this week, every single day has turned sunny by the time i get home from school. now that philip is in class until 6 each night, i have plenty of time to exercise and get some other things done (read: vegetate) before he gets home. i always wanted to be a runner (it's way cheaper than a gym membership!), but always felt unable to do it. while i am a LONG way from being a certified runner, i think i'm making progress. yay.

i love waking up at 6:45 on a saturday morning and seeing sun peeking around our dark curtains. i love that on my wogs i now see every shade of tulip stretching into the sun (and al, now i'm thinking of squashed and max the giant pumpkin). i love, love, LOVE flowers. especially brightly colored ones. i'm not sure i can think of anything i like better than fresh flowers in a vase on our table in the sunshine on a saturday morning.

and bellingham promises to be sunny and either 57 degrees or 63 degrees today, depending on who you pay attention to. i'm going with huzzah!

plus, it's easter tomorrow, which is my favorite holiday. (i say that about every holiday, but this time i mean it.) i can't wait to celebrate communion and sing joyful songs to our God together with our church family.

He is (almost) risen!


  1. Indeed He is!! Glad you're wogging and enjoying it.

    Love & hugs~

  2. I can't wait until our tulips bloom! Their leaves are growing crazily, and there are buds, but the plants are being sensible and waiting until it's reasonably warm and sunny to put out their flowers. Soon, soon . . .

    Funny you mention "Squashed." It was FINALLY at the Book Exchange last week and I bought it! I can't wait to read it to Greg. :)

    Happy sunny day! Love you!

  3. haha wogging is great and i miss flowers... saw some at lower elevation with more water about a month ago, and then saw some almost dead ones yesterday. sigh. it's dry here - fire season. but lack of rain is good for the building project! hope your spring continues to be great!

  4. So, sisturr, now that you're done with the school year and just sitting around slacking, why haven't you updated your blog? HMMMM?