ode to felicia

i sold the focus this week. felicia the focus is now happily settled one block away with one of our friends from small group. the money is nice. and we don't need the extra car. but i still feel like a bit of a traitor.

i get ridiculously attached to vehicles. for me, they are much more than a mode of transportation. it probably doesn't help that i name my cars. but to me, they are like family. they hold so many memories.

so, here goes my ode.

black and shiny
with a hole in the roof
saucy lil' spoiler
and attitude to boot

you've taken me places
i never thought i'd go
(makin' friends)
(makin' amends)

singing birthday tunes to mark
each thousand miles as we went
(that one time i forgot and
your tranny bit cement!)

driving 'round the country
when the silence rang true
my loyal companion when
others couldn't follow through

carried us away once we'd tied the knot
covered in messages
that would quickly rot
more quickly than the

black and shiny focus
with a hole in the roof
saucy lil' spoiler
and an attitude to boot

we've had our ups
we've had our downs
(darn all that lost money
for funny little sounds!)

you've carried kids
you've carried friends
just to name a few

philip, paul, and lauralee
nick and lari, too
dad, mom, allison, and bepa
and nephews (only two)

in my black and shiny focus
with a hole in the roof
saucy lil' spoiler
and the attitude to boot

the attitude she'll never lose
though she's gone away
i may receive a phone call
(today might be the day!)

that the shiny little focus
with the hole in the roof
and her saucy lil' spoiler
has too much attitude for you

88K - 150K
run in peace (not pieces)

i got way too much joy out of writing this. forgive the odd rhymes, the inconsistencies, and the pun-i-ness...i mean it from my heart.

adieu, old friend!


  1. Oh, this makes me a little teary. Sniff. Felicia the Focus is a kick-ass car and she will never forget you. I bet she'd write a rhyme about you if she could. Here's to Felicia: Cheers, old friend!

  2. I have a good memories of my own in Felicia-- she was my faithful companion and transport to and from classes at USD that first summer term and fall semester when I took grad courses on campus instead of online, goo memories of driving together with you back to Iowa for your wedding, and Dad & driving her back to WA after the wedding, to say nothing of hopping around B'ham for a week last momth. I'm glad she didn't have to move too far away. --

  3. I never met Felicia, but based on how freaking awesome this poem is, she must have been amazing. love it.